Rockstar Research

The funds raised from CUREiosity will make a difference in cancer research at Siteman Cancer Center via the following funds:

Director's Discovery Fund

The Alvin J. Siteman Cancer Center is changing the face of cancer through new technologies and personalized medicine. The Discovery Fund allows Dr. Timothy J. Eberlein, Director, to support promising new areas of research for all types of cancer, providing immediate impact on the lives of cancer patients and their families.

The Mike and Judy Shannon Brain Cancer Research Fund

Few diseases are more challenging than brain cancer. The sensitivity of the brain and the complexity of the disease make it difficult to treat. However, researchers at Siteman Cancer Center report that brain cancer research is gaining momentum due to cancer genomics-studying a patient's DNA. Cancer originates from a genetic mutation, so studying the over-expressed genes in a tumor cell can lead to better understanding and personalized treatment.